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January 21: Seeing Our Regrets Differently

We can see our regrets differently. We can grow from them and discover that it’s never too late to start over.

January 28: Recognizing Our Regrets

In order to break out of the Sorry Cycle of longing and regret, we must first recognize our regret to understand what it is we are feeling sorry about.

February 4: Releasing Our Regrets

In order to be free from the Sorry Cycle and the burden that holding on to regret can have on us, we must move to the second step and release it.

February 11: Redeeming Our Regrets

In order to fully exit the Sorry Cycle and start over, we need to allow God to redeem our regrets, trusting him to make something good out of them.

February 12: Living Beyond Our Regrets

Living beyond your regrets is not a one-time fix, but a discipline God can help you employ whenever you need it.