Family Life journey

Children. Students. Young Adults

our dream

Partnering with families to follow Jesus and fearlessly make Him known where they live, work and play.

Spiritual Development matters

Early Childhood (Birth – Age 5)

Child Dedication: A Shared Commitment

  • Loved On
  • Prayed Over
  • Begin to Share The Story

Young 5’s Milestone: Intro To Kindergarten


Elementary School (K – 4th grade)

  • Scripture Memorization
  • Begin Bible Knowledge
  • Learn The Lord’s Prayer
  • Know God’s Plan Of Salvation

4th Grade Milestone Intro to Middle School and Life Groups


Middle School (5th – 8th grade)

  • Understand And Know Statement Of Faith
  • Scripture Memorization
  • Participate In Communion/Understand Baptism
  • Develop Their Faith Story or Testimony,
  • Share Faith with one/Invite one

8th Grade Milestone: Celebration Of Faith And Purpose

Intro To High School Life Group


High School (9th – 12th grade)

  • Knowledge And Personal Spiritual Gifts
  • Experience Serving And Mission Opportunities
  • Understand Discipleship
  • Know The Story From Creation To Revelation
  • Share Faith With Two People
  • Have A Life Verse And Memorize Their Faith Story or Testimony

12th Grade Milestone: Commissioned To Go Into The World As Fearless Followers


Young Adults (18-28)

  • Participating fully in our church as a family member of disciples on mission.