Students AT cultivate

Catalyst (9th-12th): Sundays 6–8pm Sept-May

Oasis (5th-8th): Wednesdays 6–8pm Sept-May

our dream

We have fun together in authentic community. We learn about Jesus and why a relationship with Him matters. We provide a place for students to belong.

What can I Expect?

This is where YOU want to BE!

When your student comes to Oasis or Catalyst they will be welcomed in! We can’t wait to meet them.

During Oasis or Catalyst students will laugh, learn and during Large Group and have the freedom to ask questions about faith and life in their Life Group. Life Groups are small groups based on age, grade and gender.

At Oasis and Catalyst we want students to encounter community, grow in faith and learn to share the hope of Jesus where they live, work and play.

Get involved

Here are some ways to take some next steps.

Is your student registered for Oasis or Catalyst?

We’d love to have you partner with us. Use your gifts to register students, serve pizza or co-lead a Life Group.

What’s coming up

Mark your calenders and join us.





NeverRest is an event for 6th-8th graders.  Students meet at Ridge Point and trek out to Grand Rapids 3 Mile Project for an epic all-nighter! 

Drop Off: 9:00 PM 11/15 @ Ridge Point
Pick Up:  7:00 AM 11/16 @ Ridge Point

$30 per student and $15 for any student guest that does not attend Ridge Point, Cultivate, or Third Coast.  Food, transportation, and entertainment are provided in cost.

A confirmation page will provide you with additional information after your registration.

Our Guides

Get to know the people involved in Oasis and Catalyst.

Jason Scoles

Family Life Pastor