What We Do

Making Disciples | Developing Leaders | Planting Churches

Cultivate exists to follow Jesus and fearlessly make Him known.

We are a faith community of sojourners loving God and loving our neighbors.
 We join together in thinking, loving and serving like Jesus in a safe, forgiving, loving, accepting place where we can journey together in a hope-filled, Christ-following life. We do all we can to fix what is broken and bring God’s Kingdom – His love, forgiveness, justice and reign – to Southwestern Michigan and the world.

We join in experiences that help us think like Jesus. As a faith community, in groups, and individually, we study the Bible, worship, pray and serve in ways that cause us to know God and walk closely with Him. We continually and intentionally move from the chaos of life to the peace of God by experiencing Him and journeying with Him daily. As we follow Jesus we do so in community.

We choose to be in relationships that reflect Jesus’ love – to follow, to lead and to care for others as we journey together. We initiate care and compassion, learning and belonging, respect and accountability. By sharing the lessons we have learned on our life journeys, we benefit others. No one journeys alone. We merge everyone into community as Jesus did.

We serve and give as we serve like Jesus did – extending God’s influence by action and conversation. We engage in righting wrongs, lifting up the oppressed and in seeking new ways to insert the activity and attitude of Jesus everywhere in our world. We live simple lives and give generously so that resources may be released continually into the Kingdom of God. We want to change the world by being like the first church – through faith in God and by His strength intentionally joining people where they are on life’s journey and graciously moving together toward spiritual potential in Christ.

We are the Church as we love God and our neighbor while being and making disciples of Jesus.