Important stuff you are likely going to want to know:


This is a fulltime residency (plan on 30-40 hours a week). You may have a part time job in addition to this, but it will need to be with a flexible employer as your residency will take priority.



If you do not still live at home, we will provide either a host home (one of our members letting you live with them) or a housing stipend of $500.00 per month. One great option would be to get an apartment with another resident(s) and share expenses as well as create a collaborative learning space.



You are required to raise at least $500.00 per month support (max $1000.00) from sponsors. Your supporters can set up automatic payments through our giving portal by credit card. One time gifts can be amortized as well.



Once your fundraising minimum of $500.00 has been met, you will receive a $500.00 matching stipend from RPCC. This can be used for whatever you would like… ramen noodles, seminary tuition, candy crush upgrades, etc.



Your parents health insurance will cover you up to age 26. This will be the best option available. We will have catastrophic coverage on you and workman’s comp. Health, car, rental, life, snowmobile, and other insurances are up to you.



To be considered for this residency you must have a four year degree and attend a group assessment party to be held at Ridge Point Community Church on May 25, 2017.