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our dream

Bringing people in and helping them find where they belong in Jesus.

What can I Expect?

Come as you are.
Join us as we gather as a Family of Fearless Followers in response to who God is, what He has done and what He is doing in our lives. When you join us, you will quickly find that our community offers a safe space to learn about Jesus, ask honest questions and come as you are.

Join us on a weekend for food, fun and fellowship. We would love to help you find your best next step toward the love and life-change that Jesus offers.

our current series

The ten commandments aren’t just an arbitrary set of rules. They provide us with the best way to live! God gave His people the Ten Commandments to guide His people so they would flourish and THRIVE. The first four commandments set the foundation to how we can be in right relationship with Him and honor Him with our lives.

  • July 28  —  First Means First
  • August 4  —  Best Means Best
  • August 11  —  Honor Means Honor
  • August 18  —  Rest Means Rest

Get involved

Here are some ways to take some next steps.
We would love to help you find your best next step toward the love and life-change that Jesus offers.

Come serve on the weekends as a part of our worship, tech or hospitality team.

Our Guides

Get to know the people involved on the weekend.

Justin Beidler

Worship Director

Contact me if you would like to help with our weekend gatherings.

On the Weekends at Cultivate we provide a clear path to Jesus and help people find their next best step in their faith journey and the Church.

Cultivate is a safe and healing environment. We believe that welcoming others is an act of worship to God and, like Abraham welcoming travelers into his family and home, we strive to be a people to whom all are welcome.

Though we believe that God wants us to come Him as we are, He doesn’t expect us to remain as we are. Instead God wants us to become more like Jesus. Through worship, the reading and teaching of Scripture, serving in the church, and fellowship with other Fearless Followers we grow in our relationship with Jesus. As we grow closer to Jesus, we become more like Him and learn more about who we are and what our purpose is.